Crystal books

Crystal books

A pile of stones and a stack of books…

You don’t have to guess, it’s obvious we love stones and crystals. But we also love books. Just like our jewellery, books are unique pieces of portable magic. Especially when they stir our enthusiasm and deepen our knowledge of stones.

Sowe made a list of our ultimate, favourite books who helped us on our crystal journey and hopefully can support you as well, to dive deeper in the world of stones and spark your crystal fire

The books on this list aren’t just comprehensive guides but for us also sources of inspiration for the descriptions of the stones on this website

1. The Book of Stoneswho they are & what they teachby Roberts Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, Heaven & Earth Publishing
2. The Power of Crystal Healing, change your energy and live a high-vibe life by Emma Lucy Knowles, Sterling Ethos
3. Crystals, the modern guide to crystal healing by Yulia van DorenGoldirocks
4. Crystallize, the modern guide to crystal healing by Yulia van Doren, Goldirocks 

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