Crystal Diary

Crazy in love?

Origin: Madagascar

A compass of the heart, guiding you lovingly to where it feels you need to be in order to grow and expand your purest potential. A stone synonym for pure selflove and (self)compassion. A stone for… doubtlessly all human beings on this planet called earth. 

Mythology: rose quartz has been considered to be a crystal of abundance, used for healing heart problems, female disorders, but also for that sparkling magic called love. 

Rose quartz is a guide of unconditional love. It removes and dispels the fear that you are unlovable. As one of the most nurturing crystals it arouses all of life many forms of love – romantic, family, selflove, universal.

Health: soothing acne, promoting clear skin. Stimulates blood circulation, fortifies the heart and sexual organs.

Spirituality: rose quartz makes us gentle yet solid. 

Emotionally: empathy, sensitivity, balancing hypersensitivity, encourages proper self-love, a strong heart, romance and the ability to love. It helps healing the heart.

Mentally: liberates from worry and helps discriminate sympathy/antipathy. Brings the attention to fulfilling elementary needs. 

Physically: Rose quartz repairs and strengthens the heart and circulatory systems. Use it for healing the physical heart and any diseases or challenges related with the heart. Next to that it supports skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Go with the flow

Origin: Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Aquamarine contains traces of iron which gives it its blue-green-ish colour.

Mythology: the name aqua marina or “sea water” originated in the renaissance period. A gemstone connected with water and therefore washes away stress and fear. Old legends also say the stones changes colour to reveal true and false. It brings wellbeing, good memory and awakens you to your sixth sense. 

Health: rejuvenation. It has a cooling effect on the body and can be used to heal and cool down areas that are inflamed.

Spiritually: encouraging spiritual growth, foresight, clairvoyance. It makes us upright and honest. Goal-oriented, dynamic. Persistent and successful.

Emotionally: light-heartedness

Mentally: clears up confusion

Physically: harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid gland, regulating hormone balance, calms overreaction of the immune system, can be of support in auto immune diseases and with allergies like hay fever.

Sunny side up

Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia

This yellow quartz derives its colour from iron and ionizing radiation. A fortune-flourishing gem. Greek and Roman civilizations in the 1st century used the crystal in their jewelry, appreciated for its golden-honey colour.

Mythology: citrine is associated with the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of harvest. And in that light later in history the gemstone is connected with wealth and success and called The Merchant’s Stone and would bring prosperity when placed the cash register.

Health: gives energy without putting you in an overdrive. Stimulates a healthy digestion.

Spirituality: a stone like the sun: with positive energy, warms you up to radiate power, supporting a feeling of centeredness, confidence and endurance. Connected to the Solar Plexus chakra.

Emotionally: the sunny character of citrine elevates optimism and invites the grow of prosperity, seeing opportunities and abundance. A boost for your confidence to go after what you want.

Mentally: helps to digest impressions and increases the ability to express oneself.

Physically: stronger health, promotes the functioning of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Fortifies the nerves and has a warming effect on the body.

Go you own way

Origin: Arizona (US), Myanmar, Pakistan

Peridot is formed in deep volcanic rocks out of magma. Made of the mineral olivine. Its composition includes iron and magnesium, giving it its bright green colour.

Mythology: used as a healing stone in ancient Egypt two thousand years before Christ. One of Cleopatra’s favorites. She wore it for its beauty and to ward off evil spirits.

Health: the ‘vitamine D’ of the gemstone family.

Spirituality: a gemstone to support a healthy dose of individualism, feeling confident to go your own way. A spiritual cheerleader, guiding you in a positive way on your spiritual journey. 

Emotionally: helps releasing stored up anger.

Mentally: encourages strong boundaries and the ability to stand strong and confident in your choices even when they are not mainstream and go against ‘the norm’. A little rebellion.

Physically: strong detoxifying capacity and stimulates and supports the liver and gallbladder. A cleansing stone. Can help you get rid of the old, so you can make space for something new.

Never stop the action

Origin: Madagascar

Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral, giving its blue colour. 

Mythology: in older days this stone was often confused with other minerals like beryl. It received the name apatite in 1786, what is Greek for to deceive. 

Health: appetite for life

Spirituality: a stone for manifestion. Manifesting dreams into action and helpful with (deep) meditations. Working as an internal motivator.

Emotionally: helps with feelings of lethargy and encourages liveliness. Reduces irritability and aggression.

Mentally: a massage for your mind when you had an overstimulating day. Bringing back balance and ease in your mind. Gets you out of that negative frustrating spiral of knowing what you want in life but not acting to it. 

Physically: stimulates healthy eating and encourages the growth of cartilage, bones and teeth. Can help with postural and joint problems. 

Express yourself hey hey

Origin: Brazil, Nepal

Mythology: Kyanite is derived from the Greek word Kuanos, which means blue. Discovered somewhere late nighteenth century, therefore no mythological stories are known.

Health: balancing the adrenal glands

Spirituality: cleanses and clears your fifth chakra, your throat chakra and permits a better flow of energy in that area which results in self-expression and open communication. Takes away communication fears and blockages to support to share your truth from an ego-less, honest place. Raises your connection to you highest, truest self. A higher consciousness.

Emotionally: gives a relief from anxiety and support a feeling of peacefulness

Mentally: Encourages you to dive deeper into your truth and support your ability to communicate authentically.

Physically: a natural pain reliever and supporter of the function of the adrenal glands that regulates metabolism, immune system and stress response. Can help lowering your blood pressure.

What a wonderful world

Origin: Brazil, USA, Afghanistan, Mozambique

Mythology: tourmaline is found in an incredible range of colors. An Egyptian legend explains this variety by saying it traveled along a rainbow, gathering all the colors. The gem is related with the world ancient’s wisdom. Ancient Indian ceremonies used tourmaline for enlightenment and help in seeking good.

Health: powerful heart healers

Spirituality: colored tourmaline helps combine the spirit, soul, intellect and body into a harmonious whole. And in that way raises wisdom and creativity. 

Emotionally: lightens you up! Wonderfully at those moments you take life (or yourself) a little too serious. Bringing you into touch with the playfulness of your inner child. Therefore heals heartbreak related to trauma from childhood. 

Mentally: encourages thinking in images and enhances imagination. Artist have used them as inspirational talismans. 

Physically: a great help for when you feel very tired, sluggish or have chronic fatigue. Strengthens the immune system. Brings a sense of brightness to your whole system.

Put your arms around me

Origin: Brazil

Mythology: known as the stone of wisdom. In Arabic traditions it is said it strengthen the heart and protects from nightmares. Used by magicians as a psychic shield. 

Health: your bodyguard for life. See this crystal as guard dog who protects your personal boundaries. Protecting you from unwanted energies. 

Spirituality: Energy protector pur sang. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others, so that you don't pick up unwanted energies. Like a detox for the soul, black tourmaline purifies stress and tension from the aura, and leaves you feeling lighter and reenergized.

Emotionally: providing a feeling of safety and keeping you anchored, rooted.

Mentally: discharges tension and stress, keeping negative thoughts at bay.

Physically: neutralizes the influence of radiation, eases and softens pain. Reliever of a feeling of deep tiredness, like taking a long, hot bath after a busy day.

Take it slow…

Origin: China

Fluorite is high in calcium fluoride

Mythology: also known as the genius stone, a crystal of focus and clear thinking. Named after the Latin word for Flow and works as a passage for the power of other gemstones.

Health: decreases inflammation in body & mind

Spirituality: helps to balance both the heart chakra with calming love and bringing clarity of mind by cleansing all other chakras of their negativity. 

Emotionally: this gem has an emotionally stabilizing effect. Also seen as the ultimate ‘chill pill’ and contributes to activating the parasympathetic nervous system aka your relax mode. So for those moments you feel anxiety rising, reach for fluorite to transition to a place of tranquility.

Mentally: its cooling capacities literally keeps your head ‘cool’. Fluorite promotes the sharpening of the brain, a perfect organizer and crystal for learning, work, general productivity and ability to structure everyday life. 

Physically: has a calming effect on the nervous system, particularly the brain. Stimulates the regeneration of the skin and fortifies bones and teeth. Improves stiffness and joint problems. 

This used to be my playground

Origin: Madagascar

Mythology: South American Indians said that this stone came from a land of women without men and called amazon stone. 

Health: regulates metabolism and has a relaxing, cramp dissolving effect. 

Spirituality: encouraging telling the truth, also to yourself. A stone of flow, strength and adventure. Can support and free any feeling of holding or cramping in the throat chakra. A valuable stone for singers, actors, teachers and anyone who communicates for her profession or for her passion.

Emotionally: waking up your inner child and helps to tap into your lighthearted and joyful side. Shaking off your seriousness.

Mentally: Calling all self-identified control freaks! This stone is for you. Connect with the amazonite meaning to let go of control and go with the flow of life. Amazonite is particularly healing for those who can get fixed in their ways. It helps to get out of rigidity and become more fluid, flexible, and easy-going. 

Physically: harmonizing the autonomic nervous system and can help with relaxation during childbirth.

Cause you’re a sky full of stars

Moldavite formed when a huge meteorite crashed on mother earth 15 million years ago. 

Origin: Czech Republic

Mythology: archeology finds have proven moldavite’s use as a amulet stone, a magical stone for luck and fullfiling of wishes.

Health: moldavite is useful as a tool for diagnosis, spreading light on the cause and source of an imbalance or disease, and then supports the releasing and healing process.

Spirituality: a talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening and transformation. Enhances clairvoyance and a connection to the Universal Source. Gives an understanding of the essential unity of all life and our responsibility to see our planet as a whole being in need of love. Can give an intense vibration, so avoid ‘overdosing’ and whenever you feel lightheaded, ground yourself with bare feet on natural earth. 

Emotionally: encourages dreams that allow an insight into the meaning of our live. 

Mentally: detaches from materialism and materialistic blocks, also from worrying about money or the future. Encourages spontaneous ideas. 

Physically: supports healing processes and makes us aware of the cause of the illness. 

Loud ‘n clear

Origin: worldwide

Mythology: cultures from around the world have their own mythology related to this stone. “Quartz” comes from the Greek word for “ice’ because they believed it was a form of permanent ice. Clairvoyants in the middle ages used crystal balls as they were said to assist in predicting the future. In Japan it is seen as a symbol of perfection. 

Health: bringing clearness to every aspect of life: cleanses the physical body and brings clarity of the mind. 

Spirituality: a bold statement, but let’s be clear, there is no better crystal for manifesting intentions or for some transformative wishes. Clear quartz is a universal powerful stone. It encourages clarity and improves perception and understanding. A master in transmitting energy and connecting to higher consciousness. But also: amplifies the effect of other crystals and can clear them. 

Emotionally: supporting in recalling forgotten memories and bringing them into conscious awareness. 

Mentally: supports setting intentions and put your intentions into the universe. Helps with focusing and becoming more clear about your dreams and desires. Helps align your head with your heart, and the other way around…

Physically: revitalizes parts of the body that feels a bit numb or cold. Balances both sides of the brain and fortifies the nervous system. 

Wake me, shake me, to a higher plane

Origin: Mexico, Morocco, USA

Mythology: this crystal is named after Selene, the mythical goddess of the moon. 

Health: Selenite is a kind of scanner in the energy field. It can trace and clears blockages in the physical body, stimulating healing.

Spirituality: a pure crystal with soft but impactful energy. It opens and activates the third eye and crown chakra’s. Selenite can lift your awareness to higher planes. Clearing energy and aligning chakra’s, especially the upper ones. Like liquid light that’s flowing through your body. If that isn’t enough.. it magnifies and amplifies the energy of anything near it. 

Emotionally: it stimulates you to move forward in life, by overcoming stagnations and gripping to illusions of security. 

Mentally: opens you up to consciously meet your spirit guides and guardian angels and to experience of receiving advice from your inner guides. Leaving you more open and accepting of symbolic messages.

Physically: refreshes and recharges you when you feel depleted. Filling you with a high vibrational energy

A noble family

Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar

Mythology: an ancient gemstone that had diverse qualities in different cultures. The name may be derived from Topazos, which means to seek. But it’s also the name of a difficult to locate island in the Red Sea. The Romans believed it protects its wearer from enemies. 

The gem was also worshipped in old Egypt, where it was said to hold mystical powers given by the sun god Ra. Another possible origin of the name is from the Sanskrit Tapaz, which means fire. 

Health: depending on the color. White/colorless: mental clarity. Golden: manifestation of will and desires. Blue: enhancement of mind and communication.

Spirituality: in general: topaz has a noble energy, remembering you to always choose the noble path. White topaz supports the process of clarifying your intentions and manifesting it in the physical world. It embodies the energy of the spirit. Golden topaz: brings one’s highest visions into being. Blue topaz: helps to calm the mind for meditation and can facilitate communication of one’s deepest feelings and one’s highest truth. 

Emotionally: white topaz: supports in gaining confidence to face the truth or speak the truth and once you do: speak it clearly. Golden: learns you to appreciate the value of emotional boundaries and honoring sacred space. So very helpful if you have difficulty honoring your boundaries. Blue topaz: has a soothing effect on the emotional body

Mentally: white topaz: gives space to have high morals and ideals, allowing you to be the type of person who wants to do the right thing. Golden: stimulates creativity and helps you to create and also to set healthy mental boundaries. Blue topaz: helps you to use and choose your words nobly. 

Physically: white topaz: can help strengthen hair and nails. Golden topaz: helps to use your actions nobly. And can support bladder and kidney imbalances. Blue topaz: can relieve a sore throat but also relieve fear of public speaking. 

Can’t buy me love

Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Russia

Mythology: a legendary stone. For over 5000 years, emeralds have been one of the most desirable and valuable gemstones. Cleopatra adorned herself with jewelry made of emerald. For the Romans it was a symbol of fertility. 

Health: supporter and strengthener of the heart

Spirituality: for manifesting life gifts as good fortune, abundance and health. Resonates with the heart chakra, supporting love and compassion. Helps staying centered in the heart’s wisdom, so it keeps you on your true path. Opening one up to the Divine and to Divine Love. 

Emotionally: a wonderful emotional healer. Helps to reveal your compassionate, caring nature. Can assist in feelings of unworthiness. 

Mentally: allowing you to attract what you need and desire and also promoting courage. Clears patterns of victimization and rejection. Stimulating wealth by removing thoughts of unworthiness. 

Physically: strengthen the physical and emotional heart centres. Bringing youthfulness into every life. Promoting healthy child birth.

Origin: Mexico, Guatamala, Turkey

Mythology: considered to be a stone of discoverers and conquerors and gives prosperity and good outcome.

Health: awakener and stimulant of energy. An excelent balancer of yin and yang energy

Spirituality: awakens your inner fire, activate a dynamic state where initivative and ideas grow, makes us spontaneous. Awakens your passion, from bodily desires to spiritual blissdom, you’re choice. Connected with the first and second chakra. Initially can bring up a more sexual extascy, however this energy channels up the spine experiences this sexuality in more aspects: creativity.

Emotionally: fire opal makes you lively, open and lifts you up. Cheerfullness and can help in overcoming shyness. A pure stone of joie de vivre and enjoyment of sexuality. 

Mentally: helps you to initiate things. Shakes you out of your thinking modus and is getting you into action. Keep in mind it can have a strong effect and an outburst may occur when you are challenged. 

Physically: a welcome stone for fertility issues and stimulates the health of sexual organs.